Magnetic Water Softener

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Magnetic Water Softener

(Magnetic Water Softner for Washing Machines)
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Special Price ₹1,600 Regular Price ₹1,799 Save ₹199(11% off) (MRP incl. of all taxes)

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Key Features & Details

  • Reduces water hardness and limescale formation.

  • Softens water using magnetic conditioning.
  • Improves wash quality.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Protection for your Washing Machine.
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A Quality Wash Every which way

Experience the magic of soft water with the Panasonic Magnetic Water Softener for your Washing Machine and your garments.

Prolongs Machine Life

Regular use of Magnetic Water Softener helps to extend the life of your Washing Machine by removing harmful limescale and mineral deposits.

Reduces Scale Formation

By doing so, the Magnetic Water Softener makes your water cleaner and safer to use, giving you a better and more hygienic wash.

How To Use

Step 1: Install the Magnetic Water Softener onto your Washing Machine's inlet hose. Step 2: Turn on the Washing Machine and let it run for a few minutes to circulate the water through the magnetic field. Step 3: Enjoy the benefits of softer water.

Reduces Maintenance Cost

This Magnetic Water Softener saves cost by reducing detergent consumption and by preventing damage in your pipes and appliances, thereby extending their life.

Softens & Improves the Quality of Water

Say goodbye to that metallic smell in your clothes and hello to crisp, refreshing laundry with Magnetic Water Softner from Panasonic.

Magnetic Water Softener By Panasonic

Transform your hard water with the Magnetic Water Softener by Panasonic and improve not just your wash quality but the life of your Washing Machine too!


Measurements, items, specifications and product information


  • Dimension of the Product 5.5(L) cm X 5.5(W) cm X 11(H) cm
  • Gross Weight 200 g
  • Net Quantity 1U
  • Contents of the Package 1 N Magnetic Softener
  • Manufacturers Information Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd
  • Country Of Origin India

Manufacturer's Information

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Warranty Policy
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Q.1. Can we remove scaling with the Panasonic Magnetic Water Softner?

A.1. Yes, we can reduce the scaling by softening the hard water.

Q.2. How does it work for a fully Automatic Washing Machine?

A.2. Using magnetic conditioning of water, the device helps to soften hard water.

Q.3. Does this device require any power to run?

A.3. No, this device is a mechanical device and does not require electricity to run.

Q.4. Will it fit Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machines?


Yes, it can fit with most popular brands of Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machines.

Q.5. What is the minimum time in which a filter should be replaced?


 Its not a filter, it is a magnetic based mechanical water conditioner , it softens water without filtering . You would need to change it after around 3 -4 years of usage, depending on water quality.


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