Liquid Fabric Detergent

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Liquid Fabric Detergent

(Liquid Fabric Detergent Specially Formulated For Your Garments, 1000 ml)
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Special Price ₹320 Regular Price ₹400 Save ₹80(20% off) (MRP incl. of all taxes) per unit
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Key Features & Details

  • Net Volume: 1000 ml.
  • Safe to use on - silk, woollen, delicates and everyday clothes.
  • Ideal for all types of Washing Machines - top loaders and front loaders.
  • Easily removes stains and cleans your clothes.
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Laundry Laurels with our Liquid Detergent.

Laundry day just got a whole lot brighter with the Panasonic Liquid Fabric Detergent.

Stain Removal

No ordinary Detergent - This Liquid Fabric Detergent gives you better stain removal with lesser consumption as compared to an ordinary Liquid Detergent.

Fabric Friendly Detergent

This Liquid Fabric Detergent retains the colour of your clothes to help keep them as good as new.

Dissolves Immediately

This Liquid Fabric Detergent dissolves quickly to start working on removing stains for an effective wash.

Keeps Clothes Soft & Fresh

The fresh scent of the Liquid Fabric Detergent removes bad odour from soiled clothes, leaving your laundry with a fresh fragrance.

How To Use

Step 1: Measure out the amount you need to use — 1 cap (40 ml) for regular load & 1.5 cap (60 ml) for heavy load. Step 2: Pour the Detergent into the drum of your Washing Machine. Step 3: Select your desired wash cycle and start the Machine. Now sit back

Experience the Magic of Cleaner, Fresher, Better

Experience the magic of cleaner, fresher, better with the Liquid Fabric Detergent by Panasonic.


Measurements, items, specifications and product information


  • Net Quantity 1L
  • Contents of the Package 1N
  • Manufacturers Information Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt. Ltd
  • Country Of Origin India

Manufacturer's Information

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Q.1. What is the volume of cap?

A.1. The volume of the cap is 40 ML.

Q.2. Can we use it for kids clothes?

A.2. Yes, it gets the job done and keeps clothes soft, hygenic and has a fresh fragrance.

Q.3. Can we use it for delicate clothes?

A.3. Yes, it can be used on most types of fabrics and keeps clothes soft, hygenic fresh.

Q.4. Can we use it as a hand wash?

A.4. No, it is intended as a Liquid Fabric Detergent only.

Q.5. How much should I use for regular-soiled clothes?

A.5. 1 cap (40ml) is sufficient for regular-soiled clothes & if heavily soiled then 1.5 cap (60ml). It also depends on the size of the load.

Q.6. How to use it?


Take appropriate quantity of Panasonic Liquid Fabric Detergent in the cup, pour it in the water in the Machine tub. Start the Machine & let it do the job.


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