Smart IoT Enabled Washing Machine enabled by Miraie

Powered by Miraie and equipped with innovative features like Smart Built-in-heater, Stain Genius, Wash Wizard and more, it is here to make your laundry experience effortless. With intelligent features, our Truly Smart Washing Machine allows you to control it remotely, choose from a range of wash programs, get expert recommendation, weather alerts and a lot more.

1. Washing just got Revolutionized-Powered by Miraie Panasonic Washing Machines provide convenience with the AI-enabled Miraie App. This connected Washing Machine can also be operated via voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. From Scheduling laundry to expert recommendations on your phone, we have you covered.
2. Wash Wizard Leave it on Miraie for custom recommendations. Our Smart Washing Machine will suggest the wash cycle for you. Get customized expert recommendations based on cloth types, color, dirt and stain level on your Miraie app.
3. Stain Master+ You can choose from a set of 5 pre-set stain removal courses for superior washing results. From sauces to curries, from sweat to tough stains on your collars, we have you covered with our StainMaster+.
4. Stain Genius Select from a list of 50+ stains to receive specific pre-treatment suggestions & load a customized wash program for the stain type. Say good bye to stains.
5. Weather Recommendations Unpredictable weather, should not be a worry! Get quick notifications on your phone and plan your laundry based on local weather conditions.
6. Built In-Heater Safe and Sanitized clothes for you. Our Built-in Heater under the tub heats the water which simulates the detergent enzymes making it more effective to clean the dirt and stains.
7. Auto Pause Pause and Add helps you customize any of these 3 wash stages. Add more laundry anytime during the soaking, washing and rinsing stage of the wash cycle.
8. One Touch Service & Self Diagnosis With an intuitive auto-diagnosis feature, the Washing Machine is equipped to detect issues in advance and alert users. The Miraie app provides one touch service request and allows users to manage e-warranties.
9. Voice Enabled by Google Home & Alexa An intuitive voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa allows you to control your Washing Machine.
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