A201 197 L Deep Red Color Single Door Refrigerator with AG Clean Technology

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A201 197 L Deep Red Color Single Door Refrigerator with AG Clean Technology

(A201 197L Cool Bolt Technology Single Door Refrigerator with AG Clean)
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Special Price ₹14,850 Regular Price ₹16,800 Save ₹1,950 (12% off) (MRP incl. of all taxes)

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Key Features & Details

  • Premium Crown Door Design
  • Big 16.5 L Vegetable Box
  • Toughened Glass Shelves with 100KG Load Bearing Capacity
  • 1+10 yrs Warranty
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Direct Cool Range of Refrigerators

Bring home Quality, Convenience and Health with our Direct Cool Range of Refrigerators. With features like Toughened glass shelves, Wide door pockets and the advanced AG Clean technology which deactivates bacteria by up to 99.9%*, uncover a a host of benefits for your family's health.


The beautiful front door with a sleek pocket handle crowns up to add an elegant look to your space


The thick front door ensures that the cooling is locked effectively inside the refrigerator and makes your food retain its freshness for long


The 16.5L jumbo vegetable storage can hold a large quantity of fruits and vegetables and keeps them crisp and fresh


The humidity control slider helps maintain the most optimum humidity in the vegetable box to ensure your fruits and vegetables stay fresh and juicy for long.


The higly durable tempered glass shelves can withstand weight upto 100 kgs; making it easy to store heavy pans and containers.


The innovative AG Clean Technology eliminates up to 99.9% bacteria, mold and other organisms in the refrigerator to ensure your food retains its freshness and nutrients, always.


The spacious door pockets let you store bottles with up to 2L capacity with utmost ease


The removable airtight gasket prevents the build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the refrigerator keeping your food healthy and safe


The think insulation around the refrigerator wires protect the important parts and cables from damage from rat bites.


Measurements, items, specifications and product information

  • Direct Cool Refrigerator Name of the Commodity
  • Gross Capacity- 197 l Net Capacity-184 l capacity
  • Deep Red Color
  • No Econavi
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Manufacturer's Information

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Q.1. How does the external wall of the refrigerator cabinet get rather warm sometimes?

A.1. The external wall of the refrigerator cabinet may sometimes get quite warm, especially just after installation. This is not a defect of the refrigerator, it is due to the mullion dryer pipe, pumping hot freon gas around the cabinet to prevent "sweating" on the external wall of the cabinet.

Q.2. How Do I care for my refrigerator

A.2. There should be a space no less than 5 cm from right and left side of the refrigerator, and no less than 30 cm from the top. This is for both effective energy saving and decrease heat emitted out.Do not put any cover over the cabinet, such as lace, vinyl sheet, etc. otherwise heat emitting effect drop resulting in poor performance and overheated compressor. The outside cabinet may get warm due to heat emitting, it is not a sign of malfunction.Avoid extreme heat.

Q.3. Does the freezer get warmer during self-defrost?

A.3. Yes, The freezer temperature increases during the defrost cycle. This is normal and doesn't affect the quality of the food in the freezer.

Q.4. How much food can be placed in the refrigerator?

A.4. We don't limit the volume of the food. But it is necessary not to block the air vents of the refrigerator with the food. Not using full amount of volume can give you better cooling efficiency due to good air distribution. With fully packed food in the refrigerator, it will reduce the cooling performance due to a restricted air distribution.

Q.5. Why does the vegetable compartment have excessive moisture?

A.5. This could be due to hot, humid weather; ensure that the food is wrapped properly. Another possible reason is dependant on the type and quantity of vegetables . However , the latest design of the vegetable compartment creates a humid condition in the vegetable compartment in order to prolong fresher vegetables, thus condensation is inevitable during humid weather.

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